Management & Boards

ENVITER is managed by a Board of between four and eight members, elected by the ENVITER General Meeting and chosen from within active members of the Network.

Current Members of the Board are:

  • President: Michel Mercier (IRSAM, Marseille, France)
  • Vice-President: Peter Verstraten (Robert Coppes Stichting, Vught, The Netherlands)
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Philippe Belseur (VYV Care Pays de la Loire, Angers, France)
  • Board Member
    • Alexandrina Kostova (National Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind, Plovdiv, Bulgaria)
    • Elena Weber (Institute Rittmeyer, Triest, Italy)
    • Vera Rapagao (CONVIDA - Fundação Raquel e Martin Sain, Lisbon, Portugal)

All activities of the network and the Board are supported by a Coordinator

Current Coordinator: Agnes Somorjai (School for the Blind, Budapest, Hungary)