Become a member

Our Mission Statement emphasises that, through cooperation, ENVITER will promote and develop services in order to improve the quality of life of people who are visually impaired.
Our Aim is that ENVITER will develop and implement standards and methodologies of professional practice which will enable the continuing inclusion of people with visual impairments within their communities.

Members of ENVITER are aware of growing European Unification and of the necessity for cooperation on a permanent basis within the EU in order to implement this aim, and we welcome applications for membership from organisations within the EU which subscribe to this Mission and Aim.

We anticipate that initial contact will be through personal contact and knowledge of each other’s organisations, recognising that we all have very different starting points but that we all share a common vision. The contact details for our Coordinator – Agnes Somorjai – and our President – Michel Mercier – are listed on this website, and we hope you will use these as your initial contact point.

And then we look forward to exploring with you the benefits that ENVITER can bring to you and your organisation and that you can bring to ENVITER, to the point where you will want to make a formal Application for Membership.
The form for this is in this section of the website, and it gives you the opportunity for describing your organisation in a table format. It also sets out to whom the completed form should be sent and the items that should accompany it.
Your Application will then be considered by the Board of ENVITER and we hope that the result will be that we will welcome you as a Member, taking a full part in our discussions and activities.

We look forward to hearing from you!