School for the Blind, Budapest

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In Hungary the first school for the blind started operating in 1826. Since then this is the only state school for blind children.The institute is located in Budapest. It provides services to 250 blind students between the age 3 and 22.
The institute provides the following services:

1. National Board of Assessment and Rehabilitation, Special Educational Service for Visually Impaired
2. Kindergarten and Pre-school
3. General school from grade 1 to year 8
4. Special Vocational and Training School (Trades that can be chosen are computer operator,
carpet-maker, basket-maker, pottery maker and florist.)
5. Methodology Institute and Resource Centre for integrated children
6. Children’s Home Boarding School

Each child has the opportunity to learn using musical instruments, join a choir and take part in orientation and mobility, daily living skills and different therapies. They can participate in chess, judo, goal ball, swimming, tandem bike riding and canoeing.
We maintain good relationship with professional partners and schools internationally.



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Ms Agnes Somorjai

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+36 1 3631906



School for the Blind, Budapest
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