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ASPAYM Castille and Leon Foundation is an entity whiches the main goal is to work for the improvement of the living conditions of those people who have some disability in the region of Castille and Leon. Currently, more than 2000 associates are taking part in this social project and more than 200 workers spread amongst 5 delegations, mainly in Valladolid, León, Ávila, Burgos and Palencia.

The association started in 1992 in Valladolid, as a social movement, to provide services to the people who didn't have any support in Castille and Leon after acquiring a disability or to support those who have relatives with special needs. The ASPAYM Castille and Leon Foundation was created in 2004 and the CIDIF (Research Centre for Physical Disabilities) started in 2007.

As the entity has been growing, accordingly, there has been a citizen movement asking us to give assistance to other collectives in a more holistic way. In that line, there are several project lines such as:

  • Ictia, a special centre for brain stroke patients which was started in 2014. From that platform, sensory disabilities and mental disorders related to Acquired Brain Damages are being treated, in collaboration with Special Care Centres and Hospitals. 
  • Fisiomer: from 2017, regarding the territory conformation, with huge distances and many people living in rural areas, ASPAYM Castille and Leon is being promoting proximity care services in those areas, in order to support an elderly population and promoting living at those areas in order to prevent rural migration assuring a higher quality of life for those who decide to stay. 
  • CETEO: orthopaedic centre to support people with disabilities, for solving or at least reducing their mobility barriers, both outside and at home. It is a Special Employment Centre to helping match the needs of companies' and users with disabilities. There are education and training lines promoted from this project line in order to ease the access to the labour market for our users and to help companies to adapt their job positions to the needs of the workers.
  • CIDIF: Research Centre for studying and promoting cutting edge research for our associates in close collaboration with universities and other research centres.
  • Javacoya: a department specialised in inclusive software development such as websites or mobile applications focused on information regarding disabilities and service providers. An ICT accessibility certification is being promoted from this department.
  • Forest of Dreams: facilities to promote inclusion activities, lasting more than one day, with children, volunteers, associates and our professionals in an equality framework and within an accessible environment.
  • Education and Training: to help our professionals in acquiring the knowledge in therapies and treatments which are working in their related current state of the art.
  • Accessibility assessment: for public bodies in order to improve the accessibility of public spaces, buildings, cities infrastructure, street furniture, etc.
  • Residence and Daycare centre: as an answer for those people with disabilities with needs closer attention or in special economic need, both in a more permanent situation or, more preferable. during the day to try to avoid institutionalization.
  • Physiotherapy centres: for improving the physical conditions of our users.
  • Personal autonomy: personal attention as a free remote service in which a team of professionals, usually formed by occupational therapists, psychologists, neuropsychologist and speech therapists among others, to try to help people stay at their home with their support from a multidisciplinary point of view.
  • Volunteer program: as a mean of participation of society in understanding and supporting different needs and capacities. This program involves young people regardless if they have or not a disability, in an inclusive approach. Many of those youngsters and volunteers are becoming part of our staff after participate for several years as volunteers in the different activities proposed within this program.
  • Associative development: to promote contact between the whole society and the collectives we are representing.

ASPAYM Castille and Leon belongs to the national ASPAYM Federation, which hosts more than 7000 associates, 30.000 users and there is ASPAYM representation in 12 out of 19 different regions in Spain.



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Jaime Finat Sáez

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